Tape Swell

In honor of this week's giveaway and the height of the garden's summer bounty, here is the charming company Tape Swell. These mailing labels would work just as well as jar labels for zucchini puree or pickles or tomato sauce!

This week's winner.

Congratulations to Michelle Corbett winner of this week's giveaway!
Everyone come back next week for another great giveaway.
If you loved the stickers be sure to stop by Scribbling Club on Etsy!


Rose and Radish

Rose and Radish is yet another fantastic and inspired San Francisco shop! A wide variety of items awaits the privileged guests. Flowers, household items, art, textiles, and these beauties for the little ones!
This gorgeous creature made by Clive and Sunshine- a collection of handmade animals made in North Carolina by Jennifer Muskopf. Ms. Muskopf is on vacation until Mid August. Any orders will be fulfilled after that. There is a expected 12 week lead time on all her items. But if you are really planning ahead- you could order now for Christmas and instead of feeling like it took a long time- it will feel like you are so well organized!
I just adore this baby doll bed!

These are just a few of the truly lovely items that they have in store! If you have a chance to stop by their brick and mortar do so!



When people love a product, they fly through a list of statements such as: These are amazing! These are the best ever! I don't know how we lived without them!
We can't possibly mean it every time we say it- but this time. . . this time we mean it.
are light weight and compact- yet very strong. They are connectible from six sides which really allows for endless possibilities. Use them to build walls, benches, tables, tunnels whatever your heart desires!


Kid's Rooms Stockholm

The Publisher Paumes published these photos in their book Kid's Rooms Stockholm. Inspiring!


Time for another giveaway!

Another fun giveaway!
This week our giveaway is from the adorable Etsy shop Scribbling
Club if you or someone you know love creating delectable homemade delights-this is for you! Make a comment and be entered to win a set of Mix &Match Thank You and Handmade by Stickers

You can also become a fan on Facebook, follow on Twitter, and check out her blog

Fair Traded Sporting Goods

Imagine Childhood has long been a favorite of ours and these are just great examples of why.
Not only do they have an array of merchandise that inspires us to create the best moments with our children, they have these...
Just perfect, important, and usefulproducts. Using fair traded sporting goods is such a great reminder to both our children and ourselves that we must be sure we never have fun at the expense of others!


Here are a just few more accessories to amaze you. . .
All from the fabulous Re-Found Objects:


Accessories for your treehouse

Now for some accessories for that fabulous treehouse you are no doubt constructing...
Every treehouse needs a Zip Line
and a Rope Ladder
Also, you'll need a little inspiration and reading materials.
Oh, and these are just going to be too fun to resist once the treehouse is up. Or on second thought why not just use them now!

Medieval Trebuchet Kit


More Treehouse love!

Elaborate kids' tree houseImage via Wikipedia

Obviously, we are a little consumed with treehouses lately. It is the perfect time of year to spent hours outside. And what a better way to spend a warm summer night than high in the sky with a cool breeze coming through the branches! Our friends at The Junior Society really have compiled the greatest list of Treehouse Resources! In a five part series, they cover everything you could possibly ever want to know about treehouses for your house, treehouse vacations, treehouse toys!
Here's a little taste...
Be sure to stop by and see their entire collection!
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Playa Viva

This resort made Travel + Leisure's World's Best Treehouse Resorts List!
Open to guests in November of this year. They are currently taking reservations- sign us up!
This resort is a wonderful combination of luxury and eco-tourism.
Playa Viva has made a commitment to contributing 1% of Gross Revenues back to into the community through a partnership with Ocean's Foundation.
Playa Viva has started conducting several organic agriculture courses for local peasant farmers. These programs are providing farmers with knowledge and an economic advantage to farming without the use of harsh chemicals. This not only provides the farmers with renewed economic advantage and the community with healthier ground water, but also eventually will provide the resort with fresh, local, organic fare! What a perfect full circle!

Dolphin Doodles

This week's giveaway is very special, Beth at Dolphin Doodles is opening up the store to our followers. This week's winner will have the pick of the store!! Any one item under $30 that you love! So, here is what you should do to enter the giveaway- go to Beth's store and pick out your favorite thing, come back here and post a comment with your name and favorite item! Also, she is running her own giveaway at the shop this week, every time you make a purchase you are entered to win a $50 gift certificate! How great is that! A little Christmas in July!
Beth comes by way of Chicago ( hurray for Chi Town!!) and like many in the Midwest was taught to crochet by her grandmother. She has been featured at craft fairs. Her wares have also caught the eye of many local photographers. All this and she's under 30!


O2 Sustainability Treehouse

O2 Sustainability Treehouse has been making people talk! Featured on Treehugger, Inhabitat, ecogeek, Popular Mechanics, and Dwell to name a few. People are talking for good reason - these spheres aren't your father's treehouse. They are suspended in, rather than nailed and bolted to, the tree, causing harm to it. Also the buildings are made with 100% sustainable materials!
Also, they get big points for having a heart!... from their blog....
This August 2009 O2 Treehouse Eco-Tourism will be joining forces with SYRV, a non-profit organization dedicated to enabling travelers and contributors to support developing countries through education, social development, and local engagement.
Two groups of volunteers from SYRV will travel to the village of Jiquilillo & San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, from August 5-12, 2009 and August 19-26, 2009. One of the projects the volunteers will be partaking in, with the local communities involvement, is the development of the O2 treehouse to be built on the property of Montys Surf Camp in Jiquilillo. 100% of the proceeds from guests staying in the treehouse will go to sustaining and developing SYRV’s on-going humanitarian efforts in Jiquilillo and the surrounding Chinandega area. This includes sustaining clean water projects, electricity in schools, school donations and more.
In order to build this project of giving and love, we need your help. All moneys donated to SYRV on behalf of O2 Treehouse will help make this happen. We can’t do it without your support.

SYRV has partnered with Project Lagoon (Proyecto Laguna) a US registered charitable foundation with 501(c)(3) status, therefore a your donations are tax deductible.

Winner this week....

Julie with a capital J (we also have a Julie with a lower case j), please send us your email address so that the beanie can be yours!
We are sorry for the comment glitch again!! Erg. It WILL be fixed next week. This week out of fairness we just threw all our followers names in the hat and pulled out Julie (who was able to leave a comment!) Guess it was really meant to be yours Julie!
If you loved the beanie and didn't get it- make sure to stop by Handmade for Babies! They are going to be adding more items in August!


Treehouse at The Ainwick Garden

This treehouse is one of the largest in the world!  It spans 6,000 square feet and boasts an 120 seat restaurant, two private dining rooms,  and a classroom.  Commissioned by the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland as part of their plan to make Ainwick the largest Garden in all of Europe!  

This is spectacular.  Have you been?  Or do you have a treehouse we should know about?  Modest or Grand, we'd love to feature your favorite treehouse!  Just leave a comment or send an email; we love hearing from you.


I scream. You scream. We all scream for. . .

July is, believe it or not, National Ice Cream Month. President Ronald Reagan, designated July as such in 1984. Also, the third Sunday in July is National Ice Cream Day- that's this Sunday, Ladies and Gentlemen. So, you'll have to eat ice cream in order to honor a National Month and Day.
In preparation, here is a little inspiration for you ....
The United States leads the world in annual production of ice cream and related frozen desserts at about 1.6 billion gallons in 2006. Source:http://www.idfa.org/facts/icmonth/page1.cfm
Some fun facts found at Everybody Loves Ice Cream:
Immigrants arriving to Ellis Island in the 1920s were given ice cream as part of a typical American menu. Some new arrivals mistakenly spread this "frozen butter" on their bread.
We hope this isn't still true-
In Newark, New Jersey, it is illegal to eat ice cream after 6 P.M. without a doctor’s note.
If you love ice cream or know someone who does- you MUST go, here
And for your information kick go, here

To have your own Ice Cream Social-
stop by Paper + Cup for these great, printable wooden spoons!

A search lead to this
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Ice Cream Social

If you or someone you know is planning a grand party- these are the ladies for you!
Their stationary is relentlessly adorable! We are converted! Fly by their site:
Ice Cream Social Shoppe


Lantern Treehouses

Testroom's Japanese Lantern Treehouse

A treehouse built on Lake Muskoka in Ontario, Canada.  This treehouse features pinewood slat walls and is so luxurious that your whole family could live inside!

Romero Studios' Lantern Treehouse

This lantern treehouse by Roderick Romero is located in the Santa Monica Mountains but we'd love one in the backyard!  Created by Romero Studios their work uses recycled wood and this masterpiece includes copper! 


This week's GIVEAWAY!

It is a 100% bamboo, hand knit baby beanie. The bamboo yarn comes from a company that:

…works with several job creation programs in South Africa by giving artisans the confidence and the means to support themselves and their families in an otherwise economically depressed region. The empowerment groups have grown to include over 200 villagers, mostly female members of the Xhosa tribe, who live in Cape Town, the Eastern Cape region and Johannesburg. Participants are responsible for making mohair, bamboo and organic cotton yarns, accessories and home goods. Many of the women depend on their work for their survival. With the help of experienced program directors, the women are able to work in stable environments where they can earn a fair wage, learn a new skill and enjoy their jobs.

So, the beanie is made from both ethically and ecologically conscious materials. As an added bonus, bamboo is super soft (as soft as silk), hypoallergenic and possesses both antimicrobial and UV protecting qualities.
It is sized to fit a baby 0 to 3 months!

So here are the rules- If you are already a follower--post a comment under this post or Handmade For Baby post and viola! You are entered to win! Winner announced Friday!
If you aren't a follower- become one and post a comment!

FOUND on Etsy: Handmade for Baby

Handmade for Baby is an eco-conscious company who's passion it is to create heirloom-quality clothing for babies. Most fibers used are not only eco-friendly, they are fair traded as well. Their delightful line is not only great for baby ( natural and organic fibers for their skin) but also great for the world! These one of a kind and handmade creations provide a gift one can feel great about giving! Besides, the kimonos are just too precious for words!
Stay tuned for the debut of the Haute for Hound Fall/Winter line of doggy sweaters and the Handmade for Baby blankets and kimonos inspired by the seasons.
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