Friendly Ghost Cake

Martha Stewart really comes through with this Ghostly Chocolate Marshmallow Cake!  Incredibly simple and guaranteed to "wow" your Halloween Party guests.  We promise it's worth it.  Happy Halloween!


It's almost here....

It's almost here. Trick or Treating time!! Here are a few fun pictures from around the web that will hopefully get you in the spirit!

~Country Living has a great slide show if you need more inspiration! (the bottom two pictures are from it)


Sandy Vohr's Leather Zoo

It's starting to be that time of year again, when you need fun, unique, and maybe practical gifts for those little ones in your lives. Sandy Vohr's Leather Zoo is perfect place to start. A perfect gift for nieces and nephews. They are fun yet practical and they are certain to be used.


Chemistry Crayons

Etsy's Queinteresante is from Fargo(our hometown) and we can't help but give a shout out for these great crayons!  Think of how frequently children color with crayons and how great it would be if they were familiar with the chemicals that make those colors way before High School chemistry.  We could use a set ourselves!


Savory Pumpkin Treats

The beloved Dorie Greenspan has a recipe for yummy pumpkins stuffed with bread and cheese that you must try!  Or make the famed Paul Bocuse pumpkin soup like we did this week.  Delicious and festive.  Happy Friday!


FOUND on Etsy!

What a better way to spend these every shortening (and lately rainy) days than by playing with shadow puppets! Nothing is needed to giggle away hours than a dark shadowy corner, white wall, and paper puppets. While easily made with scissors, paper, and a stick to hold them, Isabella's Art from Etsy makes such darling, intricate designs they are really hard to say no too! Some of these are simply perfect for Halloween! We want the rain to stay just to get a chance to use these!



South Africa's Katie Thompson is the genius behind REcreate (via Treehugger).  These repurposed suitcases are inspiring us to tackle some of our own projects.  Love the wash bins and lights, too!  Think of how fun they would these be in a child's room.


Alice + Olivia

You know a children's line is gorgeous when it gives the adult line a run for its money.  These pieces from Alice + Olivia make "Mommy and Me" dressing chic.  



Kaiku's Zen Wagon and Push/Pull cart are just waiting to be filled with pumpkins and Fall harvest vegetables.  Made with non-toxic finished wood, natural rubber tires and an ergonomic design these wheeled wonders are a smart choice.


Tom and Drew for Boys

 We love the pictures from the brilliant photographer at Photos by Rome! While you can never go wrong with the combination of boys and their dogs these photos capture the essence of boyhood. Mischief in the making and a good time had by all!  It's hard to find practical, fun, and stylish clothes for boys, but Tom and Drew's will allow you to look no further. Living up to their tag line, "For the love of boys and bulldogs" by offering a link to rescuebulldogs.org and a portion of their proceeds to the nonprofit rescue.


Saddleback Leather Bags

Many of our favorite men carry bags.  Whether you call them man bags, murses, or messengers, it will matter no more because this briefcase from Saddleback Leather puts all others to shame.  Each handcrafted bag is made with the most luxurious leather and comes with a 100 year warranty!  As Saddleback's creator says, "This will be the last briefcase you will ever buy, and your grandkids will fight over it when you're gone."  We believe it.


Bonnie Young

We have been huge fans of Bonnie Young since she launched her line for children in 2006.  Her Fall/Winter line is just brilliant and Halloween season is a perfect time to introduce her fabulous pieces into your child's wardrobe.  We drool . . .


Barefoot Dreams

Bamboo seems to be all the rage these days. There are amazing claims-that the fabric is antibacterial and anti-fungal. That it stays cooler in heat and warmer in the cold. Barefoot Dreams Eco Collection is worthy of having simply for the beauty of the line.
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