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Who doesn't want to be healthier and kinder to the environment?  Well, that's where the Good Guide comes in.  Check out the Health, Environment, and Society ratings on all of your favorite products.  We've been using the iphone app for ages but they have a website too!  With the Good Guide it couldn't be easier to be. . .good.


Albie Design

"Design for All Ages" is the motto of Albie Design and we love her city prints.

Wouldn't these be adorable in your tots room?  


Looking for a new friend?

If you are on the hunt for a new lovey for a little person in your life- check out HazelVillage Designs hailing from Brooklyn, USA. These adorable critters will surely make your short-ee smile and you will smile too knowing that each design is handmade and their wee little outfits are made from salvaged fabric scraps. This pleases us to no end- we feel it is compulsory to have everything re-used and used up!


Sesame Seed Designs

From what we can gather from our friends around the country, it's cold out there! We do miss the need for a great winter cap. Sesame Seed Design creates these lovely baby caps from recycled cashmere. There are pouches for your gadgets and cozy sleeves for your morning coffee as well.  We are hoping this takes a little bit of the bite out of the cold.


The Coveteur

We're predicting The Coveteur is going to be Huge(yes, with a capital H).  Think The Selby peeking into the closets of Fashion's biggest names.  If you're looking for a daily dose of inspiration check it out. . . you might discover your own closet is glamourous after all.


Jasper Wren

These super sweet hoodies from Jasper Wren will melt hearts this Valentine's Day.  Who doesn't love a cute hoodie?


Waste Not Want Not.

You may have realized by now that we are suckers for designers who reinvent an item and give it new life. Maybe we get it from our grandparents, who lived through the Great Depression, or being raised in the Midwest were the phrase "waste not want not" was really a way of life for many. Whatever the reason designers who live by the same motto always make us smile! These were found at Liza Sherman's Antiques in NYC. The designers are unknown.

This chair and bench were made out of washing machine steel and
was given new life as a fantastic place to sit.

This child's chair and desk and the above chairs are created from used oil barrel metal! We are certain there are far too many oil barrels in this world and it tickles us to no end that they may be reused in some way!
This light fixture was made from upcycled safety glass.



Dutch line Oilily has launched their US online store and their Countryside collection is adorable.  These clothes make us want to run back to the farm!


Pillow Talk

There are little boys in our lives that adore all things truck related. We think that these pillows were made with them in mind. Berlin designer Gabriela Pardo's creations are fun, simple, and timeless.

While trucks are fine and all- this one just may be our very favorite!



Los Angeles' own Gregg Fleishman has created the Playgoda.  With a slot design, the play structure can be easily rearranged.  

How fun would it be for a school age child to help design and put together her own playground?  Sounds like weekends full of play!


Boot Rack

Keeping a home clean and organized is a constant task and we love anything that simplifies the cleaning routine.  This boot rack is the perfect thing(available at Gempler's).  Hang the snowy, muddy, wet boots before they have a chance to touch the floor.  If you mount it low enough the tots can hang their own.  Love it.


This makes us so happy, too!

Okay, so we admit that we are a little late to the party on this one- but HOLY COW! But this has simply tickled us pink as our grandmother used to say! Sometimes, when researching procrastinating we surf through our favorite blogs, check in with our favorite shops, you know how it is. We found this through Le Cirque Des Enfants, who in turn found this through The Neo-Traditionalist. Drum roll please.

We present to you this delightful app for the iphone- POST byGADABOUTIT, INC.

Create your own invites or notes and send them via text or email! How great is that! While we will always adore the proper post, this is just too sweet not to partake. We are grabbing ours tonight and will surely be pestering many of you with sweet little somethings here and there!


Blank Canvas

The New York Times ran an article a few years ago about a mother who let her children turn her "trophy penthouse" furniture into art.  We're not sure we could go this far . . . but we love that she did!

Phil Mansfield for The New York Times



These adorable puzzle friends are made from recycled wood (which is formaldehyde free) right here in the USA. We love it when toys serve multiple functions! These can be taken apart and rebuilt. Build a zoo animal or let you imagination take flight and create your own new creature! Made by Topozoo.


Baby Suommo

Baby Suommo has some rad nursery gear.  Here are some of their luxury "cots":

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