This makes us so happy, too!

Okay, so we admit that we are a little late to the party on this one- but HOLY COW! But this has simply tickled us pink as our grandmother used to say! Sometimes, when researching procrastinating we surf through our favorite blogs, check in with our favorite shops, you know how it is. We found this through Le Cirque Des Enfants, who in turn found this through The Neo-Traditionalist. Drum roll please.

We present to you this delightful app for the iphone- POST byGADABOUTIT, INC.

Create your own invites or notes and send them via text or email! How great is that! While we will always adore the proper post, this is just too sweet not to partake. We are grabbing ours tonight and will surely be pestering many of you with sweet little somethings here and there!

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