Hope you are having a fabulous Holiday Season.  This Christmas I was introduced to Kendama and we had a blast playing with my new toy.

For an older child or those who are young at art, this is a great game!  It can be played for personal satisfaction or competive fun!  The boys were having a grand old time taking turns outdoing one another with their "wazas" or tricks.  Get yours here.


Reform School

  I was on my way home from a dinner last night when I realized I had no post for today! Yikes! What to do?  I was all ready to just pull a silly and possibly pointless post out of the ether, when I stumbled upon a longtime favorite, LA retailer, Reform School! And then to my complete surprise I realized I had not mentioned them before!! How can this be??  This is online shopping at it's finest- quirky, cute, and filled with delights. You are entertained the entire time you are there! These dolls are an absolute knockout! They are very popular as all styles are currently out of stock! Here's to hopin' they get more soon!

Oh these cameras! This camera is a favorite of a two year old in my life! Every day it's around his cute little neck as he waits for his photo op!


Fuzz that Wuzz

 Fuzz that Wuzz sounds like the start of a great Dr. Seuss story. For an eco friendly option in the Stuffed Animal department turn to Mary Meyer's Earthmates line which offers
you three shades of Green!
Fuzz that Wuzz  animals are made from recycled plastic repurposed into fuzzy fleece! Each friend keeps 10 plastic bottles out of the landfill.  Not only are they good for the earth but they truly are the softest, sweetest stuffed animals we have touched!
There is also a  Bamboo line  and an  Organic line.


Oh Baby!

We, here at Willie and Henrietta,  are  both traveling back to the frozen state of our births this Holiday Season. After years in Southern California, we are a little worse for the wear when we travel back home. I saw this and this is what I want to wear the entire time I am back! If you live somewhere cold- doesn't this just seem like an absolute necessity! Thanks be to the Swedes! They understand a thing or two about staying warm!!

And while I am at it- I want to sleep in this too! I love the look for sure but what is really neat is that this allows the baby to rock themselves!


Santa Baby

It wouldn't be Christmas without Eartha's classic rendition of Santa Baby! Hope Santa was good to you. . .


Merry Christmas!

Angeleno's dreaming of a White Christmas for their tots can now rejoice!  Grab your mittens and jackets because Kidspace Children's Museum in Pasadena is filling their courtyard with snow from the 26th of December through the 28th from 10 am to 5 pm!  Make snow angels, edible snowmen, ice paintings and more.  Can't imagine an easier way to experience a winter wonderland with children.


Christmas Spirit

(pics via uptake attractions.com)

When I was growing up, it just wasn't Christmas until we had been to the 8th Floor Auditorium of what was then Dayton Hudson Department Store! It was one of the most magical experiences of my youth. Dayton's became Marshall Field's and now it's Macy's. They are continuing the tradition. This year's attraction is a repeat performance from last year. It's A Day in the Life of an Elf.
If you want more information- go to Macy's


Applied Imagination

 If you get a chance, head to the NYC Botanical Museum for their Holiday Train Show by Paul Busse.  It is on until the 20th of January so there is still time.  I want to take a trip back to NYC so I can see it first hand!  Applied Imagination has created replicas of over 140 New York City Landmarks all created from natural materials.  Berries, acorns, twigs and other varieties comprise these masterful creations!  Busse is an inspiration and has dedicated his career to bringing happiness to his viewers!

Penn Station

Yankee Stadium and City Hall

Clark Mansion



Lovely pictures await you at this amazing French blog, Happy Things for Kids. Designer... also has a shop where she sells her latest designs. Here is a sampling!

Better Not Pout

I love this from  The Baby Gardener
This egg cup from Three Potato Four

This lovely house from ABC Carpet and Home

And this book by author Caroline Taggart


Homemade Holiday

Have an artisan tree with these gorgeous Cinnamon Bird Ornaments or tie them on to a package.

Remember childhood days by repurposing your tots toys.

These little elves will charm all ages and are surprisingly easy to make!

Here are the ones I made.  Had a hard time getting them to stand up so they ended up as ornaments.  Very sweet addition to the tree!

Chica Schmica

Researching for a recent post I came across this blog and love, love, love this craft idea!  The tots I know love anything that uses their handprints.  Plus, we all love a simple craft!  Can't wait to make these.  Find the instructions on Chica Schmica!

Felt Ornaments

These felt ornaments from LA based designer Graf & Lantz are just so adorable! They are perfect for both parents and children alike! If you too still need to fill in the gaps on your tree head on over and stock up! If you are in the LA area- hike over to the Glendale Galleria - there is a new store called the Local Collection featuring LA based designers and artists! These ornaments can be found there as well as an array of other products! Thanks so much to our favorite green maven Renee for the great intel!


Christmas Cotton

Just in case you have a little Santa at your house,  Here is a beard(complete with mustache per my 3 year old client's request) made from cotton balls and thread.  It was fun for all of us and has held up for weeks despite my less than perfect sewing ability.  Today, his sister decided that she is Mrs. Claus.  So, a wig of cotton was crafted and attached to another hat.  Pics of Mrs. Claus' hat soon to follow.

Thought we'd share just in case someone else has a tot who has asked Santa for a Santa Suit and is having a hard time waiting.  This beard has held him off happily for weeks!!!

Here is Mrs. Claus' hat.

More Party Favors!

For wee ones, one thoughtfully chosen favor is often more well received than a bag full of loot.  Here are some favors that can stand on their own!

Leaving the party will be that much easier knowing bath will be filled with a new toy!

Felt Soap on etsy

Bathtub Finger Paints

Make your own finger paints and give them away as goodies.  Stir together 1 cup of liquid baby soap, 3 tablespoons(plus more to reach desired consistency) of cornstarch(or potato starch, arrowroot if your tots  happen to have a corn allergy), and a few drops of food coloring.  I have yet to meet a child who didn't think it was a blast or a parent who wasn't thrilled with the easy cleanup!

Form a band while the gang is together and they can take the party home with them!  Maracas are festive and fun for the toddler set!

Let your party goers make merry wearing Wrist/Ankle Bells!  You will all smile with delight as they dance and jump with glee!

  Parents and children are always on the hunt for new tunes.  Play your favorite CD at the party and everyone can relive the festivities for days to come.

When I was little, my Mom purchased plain t-shirts for one of my birthday parties and during the party we decorated the shirts.  Fabric finger paints and fabric markers are a blast for all ages.  Toddlers love "handprinting" and they'll get to take part of the party home with them!


This one is for you!

A little bit ago,  we were asked by the lovely Melissa Meaders McArdle of Reverie Daydream to find fun and interesting party favors for a two year old party. We couldn't have been more thrilled. We love getting emails and comments, we also love going on treasure hunts! Here are our collections  (which also could work well for stocking stuffers)-

Party Favors or Stocking Stuffers

1. Mustache Crayons
2. Kitty Crayons
3. Balloons and More
4. Bracelet Crayon

1. Sidewalk chalk.
2. Playdough! 
Or make your own- I am partial to this recipe from Nature's Playdough.
3.  Watch this how-to on making something out of napkin! A real lifesaver when out to eat!
4. Or win brownie points from all your green friends with these reusable bags. Add cheddar bunnies and you'll have the two year old vote as well!

1. Book Plates : Moms may appreciate these more than the babes.
2. Favorite for both Mom and bebe.
3.Everyone needs a mustache once and awhile!
4. Mustache 2


Handmade Happy Hanukkah!

Amy Atlas of Sweet Designs made this gorgeous cookie menorah and these picture perfect cookies.  Check out her blog for details and year round inspiration.    
These images could put anyone in the Holiday mood! 
Photos by Allan Zepeda for Mel Barlow Photography

Martha Stewart has how-to instructions for these festive Hanukkah gelt holders.


These are a Hoot!

I really think hats like this will eliminate all battles over keeping a hat on a toddlers head! I suspect the battle will be getting them to take it off! Etsy shop Naturally Crafty take their design cues from nature. All hats are handmade and made to order. While no longer available in time for Christmas , place an order now and you could have one of these darlings in January!



The French line Troizenfants is available at The Little Fashion Gallery.  Loving the Happy Holiday clothes!

Do I hear sleighbells?

Dreaming of a White Christmas.

Cords complete with suspenders just like Santa wears in his workshop!



Martha Stewart's Holiday Market, featuring her crafters, was open to the public this year and these whimsical ornaments were a favorite.  Inspired by German cotton spinning techniques and upcycling vintage materials VintagebyCrystal crafts these delightfully quirky creations.

Even sweeter in person!
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