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We've been lamenting the loss of Domino for quite some time.  Lonnymag is a great online alternative and has been filling in quite nicely.  But we miss you old friend, Domino.  We look in the strangest of places for inspiration and thank goodness because we just discovered Brides Magazine is keeping the Domino dream alive on their site.  Yes, it's true, a bridal site comes through!  Word on the street is that they will keep adding to the archive but here's a taste of what has been preserved.  Dream on. . .

Woolly School Gardens

It's always so wonderful when you find people doing amazing work. The makers of Woolly Pockets (which are ingenious little wonders) didn't stop there.  They also created a non profit to bring gardens to schools in the USA.  These are everything we could want them to be. Great for the environment. They use less water than conventional containers. And are made from recycled plastic. Sturdy and long lasting. And apparently can turn any of us in to green thumbs! Yippee for us! We have a couple of unattractive fences to cover up this summer!

We really love this edible herb garden on the wall. Talk about having ingredients on hand.


Red, White, and Blue Clothes

The 4th of July is around the corner and if you really want to be festive check out these made-in-the USA, etsy finds. 
 The white is so lovely but the tots we know would have it covered in dirt and popsicles(as they should).  We'd tie a ribbon on a dark red or blue dress for the party.

A bit wild but so is the 4th!

Dress the little man in an old-school romper!

Uncle Sam would be so proud!


Party time!


A New Wardrobe.

The Hansen Family  was created by Gesa Hansen, a member of a Scandinavian family filled with architects, carpenters, and designers.  Built with sustainably sourced oak, no two pieces are exactly the same, as each is crafted with handpicked wood to craft a unique piece of furniture.  Her trunk is perfect for any room, but we are always big fans of proper pieces for children's rooms. Wouldn't this be a great addition to a living room?  Making any forgotten corner a child's play area!


Summer at LACMA

Angelenos get ready for Summer Fun.  Eat your way through the gardens created by Fallen Fruit's exhibit at EATLACMA.  The installation continues through November and looks at the intersection between art, food, and politics.  

A concurrent exhibit of the "Squid Capsule" will begin on the 27th of June brought to LACMA by LA design studio, Layer.  They will transform the courtyard of LACMA into a weather island.  The changing temperature and humidity will cause a field of fog and the "Squid Capsule" to rise.  We imagine people of every age will be transfixed.  Can't wait to see it with our own eyes!


Bibbity Bobbity Boo

We love simple.  Sicotin's fasteners can make a bib out of a small piece of fabric or napkin.  Throw one in your bag and you no longer have to take bibs with you.  We know a few grown-ups who could use one on occasion.  Since they are adjustable they look like they'd work to keep mittens attached to Winter coats, too.  Easy.

Come on!

We pride ourselves on finding unique items and we like to do it all on our own. But sometimes, other people find such great things how can we pass them up?! Via Inhabitots, we bring you two of the cooler things we have seen in this week! Don't you just want one! We do. We do. We do!! This amazing chair/car was designed by Hans Brockhage under supervision of Mart Stam in 1950.

This one came through our Inhabitot twitter feed. Really want this for the backyard. We're camping out all summer. It's the best of both worlds: sleeping under the stars and access to your own shower!
Treepee! It's a tent, a swing, and a trampoline!


Personalized Wooden Dolls

Etsy's Urastarhouse will custom make wooden dolls for your family!  Send her a few pics of your desired characters(pets are welcome) and she'll magically recreate your posse!  You'll have a blast watching your tots use their dolls to process their days!

Have school all summer long with The Enchanted Cupboard's portable schoolhouse.   Made to order sets are available, too.  


Happy Father's Day!

This Sunday throughout the land, families are celebrating those givers of whisker rubs, zerberts, and love. A little bit ago,  we were able to attend a conference on Attachment Theory, where much was made on the need for those men in our lives. If you've spent much time around development circles or read a book by Brazelton, you've heard the phrase "rough and tumble" play.  It is the type of play that comes to mind when we think of fathers (and grandfathers) and their children: loud, ruckus games of monster or bucking bronco. Games that include children flying at the back and head of the adult and generally causing mothers to gasp. In fact it seemed, through the examples shared, that the games which are the favorites of many children were the games that were devised when mom (or grandma) were not home. One girl's favorite game was running up to her uncle who dropped out of the window where her dad caught her and then set her down to run the circuit again. In the audience, the fathers laughed and the mothers exclaimed. Which was exactly the point of the lecture, in order for children to develop fully into whole people they need both a safe, secure base: a safe place to fall (so to speak) and a place to explore and test the limits of that safety. They need both someone who is comforting almost all of the time and someone who is exciting some of the time.

Historically, mothers (and grandmothers) have provided children with the security and comfort that we all need to feel loved. This safety and comfort allows us to grow into people who view the world as a fundamentally wonderful place with an expectation that people are generally safe. Fathers (and grandfathers) have historically been the side of the equation that helps push us outside of that comfort zone. Fathers ( and GF's) are exciting and fun. They push us to explore the great big world. They urge us to take risks that may not be uber safe. But also help us devise a plan to explore safely. When we have that side too, we can go into the world, believing in the goodness in people AND feel free to explore and test our limits. We can become great explorers and thinkers -not afraid of failure or hurt. And if we get a little bonk, well, they give great hugs!

A couple of interesting sites with information on play can be found here:
The National Institute for Play 


Little Duckling

There are just so many adorable clothing lines for children right now. Hailing from the UK Little Duckling is another one of those lines that just make you smile. Simple, sweet, and classic. Perfect!


Flea Bag

Father's Day is around the corner and we are trying to find gifts for Dads but stumbling upon the perfect gifts for Moms instead.  The Flea Bag is a lust must.  Shira Entis and Alex Bell knew what they were doing when they created this eco-friendly, sturdy carry-all.  Stuff it full of farmer's market produce, your tot's essentials, beach toys, the laptop and more.  The bag is so chic no one will ever guess you're carrying half of your house with you.  We want one stat!  Best part- it's masculine enough that your honey might be willing to tote it for you when it gets too heavy.  Just saying: Win-Win.


Love Mae

We've Love (d) Mae for quite some time. But now it is easier than ever to get your hands on some of the most adorable wall decals in the land. With an expanded collection, these decals are sure to please young and old! It appears a webshop is in the works! Fabric made and easy to clean, these are easy to love.


Vintage Kit

With a name like Vintage Kit we just knew it was going to be a hit!  The girl's section is the clear standout but these finds are too cute not to share.

Swimsuits and rainboots.  It doesn't get much better than that!


With love from Denmark . . .

More great Danish clothing.  Serendipity Organics is making organic cotton and wool clothing with Scandinavian flair.  These photos make us want to hit the beach all summer long!



Petit by Sophie Schnoor proves that Denmark makes beautiful children's wear.

The long sleeve gauze tops and long pants are perfect for sun coverage yet staying cool. 

The shoe collection will take you through all the seasons!
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