Enchanted Enfant

Hailed by Martha Stewart and Cookie Magazine among others, designer Michele Brule of Enchanted Enfant has dedicated her line to the "magical beauty and innocence of childhood." The beauty of these dresses speak for themselves... they are so lovely! If you know of anyone searching for the perfect flower girl dress or just wants to give a little girl a gorgeous dress trot out and grab one of these lovely darlings.



SmartPlayhouses are the architectural playspaces we have been dreaming of.  Smart and chic.  Here are our two favorites:




Le Petite Bohemes!

(this is how we feel when we peek at Le Petite Bohemes!)

Maybe it's our French lessons, dreams of Paris in Spring or the simple fact that nothing we see coming out of France is ever, well... anything but parfait! Our new darling Le Petite Bohemes is really no different. Filled with fabulous vintage finds, this shop makes you want to go out and redo a room! Who doesn't want to fill a playroom with some of these great vintage pieces! We want them for ourselves!



We're thrilled someone has made non-toxic toy keys a reality.  Kleynimals are a great alternative to letting your child play with your keys (or suck on them- don't they all try?).  Check them out. . .


Master Puppet Theater

These make us laugh. Admittedly, most likely an unnecessary accoutrement, but fun filled non-the-less! Master Puppet Theater includes 60 puppets and 96 pages of famous scenes!
We will tell ourselves that this is a great way to expose young ones to Shakespeare when we pull them out on rainy days or long plane rides, but will secretly know that these are really just for our enjoyment! We are all ready trying to come up with funny and random twists on these classic tales. 
And if this doesn't have you laughing, these adorable finger puppets from Etsy Shop Abbey Christine will!
Haven't you always wanted an Ira Glass finger puppet!

And one of Frida Kahlo!


Gazoor Organic Felt Animals

Created by Iris Savir, these handmade felt animals are made to be played with.  Gazoor animals are completely Organic so grab one or all of them over at A+R


Eco Eggs!

Okay, we have been waiting for this one... we knew we needed to wait until it was actually time. Since we have all put away our Mardi Gras beads, we figured now is the time! Oh. My. Gosh.- Someone has created BIODEGRADABLE EASTER EGGS! Sorry for yelling, but if we could indicate yelling while jumping up and down for joy we would. Isn't that the greatest thing!! According to this article, making the switch in Australia alone could save enough energy to power 350,000 homes!! But before we get you too excited, they aren't available for this Easter. Stay tuned for next year and then keep these fun facts in mind... EcoEggs are Made in the USA! (in Minnesota to be exact) And the company is family run! We can't wait for these! 
This picture is a little shaky- sorry. We were just so excited when we found them!


Easter Eggs

It feels like Spring here in California and we always seem to be behind in our egg decorating.  So we thought we'd get a headstart with this adorable egg dying kit featured on Mahar Dry Goods(which sadly is on hiatus).  We're going to try and recreate these tie-dyed eggs when the time comes.  How adorable are these?


Talc 2011

Talc has done it again with their adorable collection for Summer.  The real standouts are in the girls section.  Here's a peek . . .


Made It!

We all know and love Etsy, but we might want to step out on our handmade love from time to time with this lovely little site from Australia. Check out Made it - Handmade in Australia. We see many, many hours spent searching for the perfect something in our feature.


Writable Table

We've featured writable tables before but this new version from Tianyu Xiao is especially charming.  Make love notes, to do lists and doodle or how about a game of tic-tac-toe?

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