Eco Eggs!

Okay, we have been waiting for this one... we knew we needed to wait until it was actually time. Since we have all put away our Mardi Gras beads, we figured now is the time! Oh. My. Gosh.- Someone has created BIODEGRADABLE EASTER EGGS! Sorry for yelling, but if we could indicate yelling while jumping up and down for joy we would. Isn't that the greatest thing!! According to this article, making the switch in Australia alone could save enough energy to power 350,000 homes!! But before we get you too excited, they aren't available for this Easter. Stay tuned for next year and then keep these fun facts in mind... EcoEggs are Made in the USA! (in Minnesota to be exact) And the company is family run! We can't wait for these! 
This picture is a little shaky- sorry. We were just so excited when we found them!

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