En Gry and Sif

This Scandinavian Design company is just amazing
found at Brown Button Design.
A member of the World Fair Trade Organization and UN Global Compact.  All products are fair trade and handmade. Made by skilled female artisans who are helping to improve living and working conditions in their home towns.
All products are 100 % cotton or wool, so they are great for the environment too!
Great for the heart and soul!


Space Ship

(pictures from MangoPork on Etsy)
Let's start the Holiday gift giving off right! Truly an out of this world gift!!
The above custom made Space Ship was made for a little boy in Georgia! How fun would that be in your backyard?  Big enough for sleepovers. This creation took eight months to make. There is a smoke machine installed in the bottom so it looks like it is ready for take off!


Happy Thanksgiving!

"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them". John F. Kennedy

What would our days be like if everyday was lived with appreciation?  What are the ways you live in gratitude?  We'd love to know how you give thanks for all the good in your life!  Wishing you a day filled with Thanksgiving not only today but always.

This picture was taken by Matias Okawa of children watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade in 2009.  The best things in life are free!  
Today, children squealed with delight as American pop culture icons like Spiderman, Snoopy and Mickey Mouse floated by. We, too cheered at the wonder of it all.  Few things are as American as Apple Pie but NYC and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade are at the top of the list!  


Molly Meg

Molly Meg offers a selected few classics for children. Using leading designers, Molly Meg is bringing 20th Century design icons to the world of children. They are proving that design is not a just for adults anymore! Featuring both new designs and timeless vintage finds. Their range of chairs is sure to inspire appreciation for design in all who use them!


Take-g Toys

Take-g-Toys has elevated wooden toymaking to an art form! Many of the larger pieces are one of a kind and featured in museums but how wonderful would it be to have one at home!


Manny and Simon

Manny and Simon have these adorable wooden toys. Always a fan of wooden toys- these are a new favorite due in part to their design, but mainly to their eco sensiblility. These wooden toys are made entirely from post industrial wood residuals! Painted with low odor paint and no VOC. All that and they are made right here in the USA!


To Have and To Hold

Anyone who has spent time with a toddler knows all about their proclivity for carrying stuff around.

1. This Stroller  is not only sweet but is gentle on the environment as well.
2. Plan Toy's  Shopping Cart will get plenty of wear.
3. How much fun would this Woodpecker Walker be!

4. Baby Dolls ride in style with this German made Pram.

Now that you have these fun carts/ strollers- you'll need something to fill them.

1. Apples are always great to have around.
2. Felt Food made for your Teddy Bear to eat!
3. Adorable Knitted Cupcakes!
4. Assorted Vegetables.


Cardboard Creations

We posted on cardboard houses yesterday and are continuing our cardboard craze with a few favorites from Calafant.  Crafts are perfect this time of year and keep everyone happily occupied.  Calafant's small kits are ideal for the Home for the Holidays plane ride or choose a large castle and spend an entire afternoon creating a kingdom!

Whether a blank canvas or a painted masterpiece this castle is magical!

This pirate fortress is perfect for the little ones in your life that love skeletons and skullls and wish Halloween could last forever!  

More pirate fun!

Don't forget one for the plane!


For first time home owners

This cardboard house by Javier Mariscal for Magis is perfect for first timers.  I could spend most of a weekend coloring this house! Find it here.

Another favorite cardboard house so cute, that I can't even think of in terms of cardboard.  It's just too perfect! Find it here.



Seedling is a young company based out of New Zealand and has fabulous gifts for the budding crafter!  Shop online or if you're lucky enough to be in New Zealand stop by and let your children paint their own nesting dolls, design a super hero cape, or make a mosaic rocket ship!  Not only are these fabulous gifts but perfect to have on hand for snowy days!  With creative kits this fun, you'll want to make one yourself!


Baby it's cold outside

British Clothier Poppy and Ned have delightful designs for children.  Warm and cozy, these clothes seem perfect for winter weather!  Bring on the cold!
Available in the USA at Barneys and Kitson.

These adorable slippers are handcrafted with New Zealand Wool. Perfect for cold winter nights!
Available here.

Brooklyn company Half Dot Brooklyn has the most adorable coats.
Available exclusively through their online store.


Visions of Sugar Plums will dance in their heads...

 LauraCandy offers no less than 15 different flavors of Marshmallows!
They sell S'mores and Hot Chocolate Kits as well!


1. Not only are Pure Fun Organic Candy Canes sweetened with cane syrup and fruit juice, flavored with natural peppermint, and made by a family owned company- a portion of proceeds are given to Children's charities!!

2. Divine Chocolate makes fairtrade chocolate coins with a heartwarming back story.
From their website:
"The Kuapa Kokoo cooperative was created in 1993 when cocoa farmers in Ghana united to negotiate better prices for their cocoa and empower small farmers. Kuapa Kokoo now represents 45,000 cocoa farmers and has a stake in the first farmer-owned chocolate company in the world."
3. SweetEarthChocolates offers chocolate coins which are both organic and fairtrade.
Their dark chocolate is vegan!
4. Cinnamon Coal for the trickster in the family! Handmade and by elves no less!


Neige Clothing

Here's a funny story. You know how they always say that"great minds think alike."  Well, we here at Willie and Henrietta just had such a moment (if we do say so ourselves!)! Separately, both of us discovered Neige Clothing, fell in love, and set upon telling you all about it! Well,  obvisouly, we posted on them this morning. And the clothes are fantastic!  But what we didn't know at the time of the post  was that Neige Clothing is offering Willie and Henrietta readers a 20% discount. The code is: williehenrietta. And it's good until the end of the month!!

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

Neige displays true craftsmanship with their gorgeous Fall/Winter Collection.  Designs so lovely they warrant thanks giving.


C is for Cute!

Ida Pearle illustrated these delightful ABC flash cards found at HazelWood for Children 
The great thing about gorgeous flashcards, is they can double as wall hangings!
Or if you are traveling this season- take them along
- the pictures will give you so much to talk about!


Fun Assembly Required

Tau is proving that "classic ecofriendly" doesn't have to be a design oxymoron.  Plus, when their toys arrive as intriguing puzzles you'll see they, too believe work can be play!   Hand your tike a screwdriver and hardhat and together you'll have a tobaggon or seesaw in no time!  Finally, fun assembly required!

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