Visions of Sugar Plums will dance in their heads...

 LauraCandy offers no less than 15 different flavors of Marshmallows!
They sell S'mores and Hot Chocolate Kits as well!


1. Not only are Pure Fun Organic Candy Canes sweetened with cane syrup and fruit juice, flavored with natural peppermint, and made by a family owned company- a portion of proceeds are given to Children's charities!!

2. Divine Chocolate makes fairtrade chocolate coins with a heartwarming back story.
From their website:
"The Kuapa Kokoo cooperative was created in 1993 when cocoa farmers in Ghana united to negotiate better prices for their cocoa and empower small farmers. Kuapa Kokoo now represents 45,000 cocoa farmers and has a stake in the first farmer-owned chocolate company in the world."
3. SweetEarthChocolates offers chocolate coins which are both organic and fairtrade.
Their dark chocolate is vegan!
4. Cinnamon Coal for the trickster in the family! Handmade and by elves no less!

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