Waste Not Want Not.

You may have realized by now that we are suckers for designers who reinvent an item and give it new life. Maybe we get it from our grandparents, who lived through the Great Depression, or being raised in the Midwest were the phrase "waste not want not" was really a way of life for many. Whatever the reason designers who live by the same motto always make us smile! These were found at Liza Sherman's Antiques in NYC. The designers are unknown.

This chair and bench were made out of washing machine steel and
was given new life as a fantastic place to sit.

This child's chair and desk and the above chairs are created from used oil barrel metal! We are certain there are far too many oil barrels in this world and it tickles us to no end that they may be reused in some way!
This light fixture was made from upcycled safety glass.

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