Rainbow Bright

Earlier in the week we posted on painted driftwood but check out this tree, known as the Rainbow Eucalyptus(via Honestly. . .wtf).
(image via flickr)

It looks painted but is a natural coloring that happens when the tree sheds its bark at different times throughout the course of its life.  Amazing.  Have you ever seen one?  We would have thought to paint bark a lot sooner had we seen these brilliant trees.

What's more?  The blog, Honestly. . .wtf has fabulous summer crafts for all of your tweens and teens.  Remember friendship bracelets?  Well, they have a great tutorial in case you've forgotten and want to teach your hipster child.  Plus, with D.I.Y. ideas for shredding t-shirts and Shibori(Japanese tie-dying) you'll be the coolest adult around.  Their ideas are so chic that you can tell your tween pals you are doing a "design project" rather than a "craft". . ."honestly".

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