Summertime is here! With it comes hours and hours of sunshine, outdoor fun, sand, and bugs (at least in most of the country). Here are a few items that may come in handy. . .
UK retailer Tree House Blue has a great line of beach chairs and wind breaks by Lisa Stickly.
Really helpful for keeping wind out or corralling wee ones in. If nothing else you'll be able to find your spot in the sun after a walk on the beach.They also carry this great insect repellent by Isabella Smith. Made from essential oils- this natural and good smelling oil should keep the bugs at bay.

Maddison Avenue Candles (who have a HUGE variety of soy and organic soy candles)
has a Bug off! fragrance for those outdoor dinners.

One perennial favorite - The Macbeth Collection has a expansive variety of designs to choose from. Go there when you have time to kill and a desire to design. A very small sampling below.

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