While perusing Baroque Babies the other day (and being very entertained by her post on the pitfalls of being a non- native speaker in Germany!) I clicked on an ad I hadn't noticed before and I am so, so thrilled I did. While these dolls are not available within the US (yet!), I can't resist tempting you all. These are just too much!
My PĆ¼ppi Choose a variety of standard features such as eye color, skin color (they are steadily adding more diversity to their options) and hair color, more specific features such as length of hair and texture, and finally you can send a photo in for even more accuracy such as freckles and/ or eye glasses! These dolls are larger than a lot of dolls I've seen marketed without being oddly shaped. A feature I love and seems to be rare these days is woven hair into the head of the doll versus just a "wig" glued on to the head of the doll. These dolls are made by some of the finest toy makers in Germany. Only the best will do for the company and the dolls show it.
So if you or someone you know are traveling to Europe this summer, pick up one of these fabulous dolls!

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