Bandicoot Lapin Costumes

(featured in this months' lmnop NYC travel guide)

Sometimes it feels as if all costumes today are disposible, petroleum- based, boring creations. How many pink fairy princesses does the world really need? What fun is it if everyone is in the same costume?  These costumes from French maker Bandicoot Lapin will assure that you have a costume that is original. The wonderful 100% cotton fabric not only assure that the costume will be comfortable, these costumes will withstand being worn over and over and over and over. . . .
With costumes like these, children could wear their costumes as often as they like and you won't be embarrassed to be seen with them. Certain to start a conversation with everyone who you meet!

 The costumes are sized by age range, not clothing size. Most costumes are available for ages 4 through 6 and ages 6 through 8. Some are available in ages 2 through 4. Prices range from $57 - $198.
They are only available (as far as we can tell) through NYC boutique John Derian Dry Goods.
Please call their  Dry Goods shop at 212.677.8408 for information and availability.

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