Ann Wood

The splendid Brooklyn based artist Ann Wood's creations, simply put. . . inspire. Whenever I see her designs I am filled with a longing to be able to "do that"! The simplicity of her creations, along with her preference for using found and re-purposed materials, tricks viewers into believing we may be able to do what she does. But, just as anyone who's tried to perfect a homemade french baguette knows, simplicity at times just points out the need for technique, knowledge, and skill more than a complicated creation.
Her Cardboard Castle made for a Brooklyn shop's window (lucky shop!) has made the rounds on the blogs. How much fun would this be to make with the kiddies on a cold and raining day! With a little moody Chopin in the background.

The Castle becomes a real gem when you get closer to see the amazing detail!
There are more pictures here.

I adore this ghost ship!!
And I need these two birds!!

If you are like me and you need to have these amazing creations many are for sale here.
But act fast; most are one of kind treasures and they sell out quickly!

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