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In recent years, reports have surfaced about lead and other toxins in children's face paint.   Green Halloween  has a wonderful recipe for making your own natural face paint.  When we tried it too- we just used equal parts cornstarch, Vaseline (instead of diaper cream), and water. We didn't try to make designs with the paint- just smeared it on. It went on easily and more importantly it came off easily! It came off bodies, carpet, and clothing without any trouble. We would recommend purchasing travel size squeezable containers to store the face paint. Also, if you add all colors (of the grocery store food coloring set) you get great swamp green but not black which was what we were attempting. For vibrant black, head to your local bake shop and grab a set of baker's colors. They generally come with black. That works like a charm!  If you are not feeling adventurous or just need paint quicker- here are the best natural face paints on the market.

Imagine Childhood has these amazing natural face paints from German company Lyra.

Artemis Natural Body Paints are available through babynaturopathics.com
Their face paints are completely plant based and combined with almond oil. I bet they smell great!

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