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 File this under- Why didn't I think of that?!-  Bagoo...
 "A soft blanket that folds into a baby carrier.  It allows moving a sleeping baby from one place to another without waking it up.  It folds in one move, just pulling the handles and it does not demand an assistance of another person. "
Created by the Kompott Studio.  The studio was created in 2009.  They believe in Design Thinking.  They look for solutions "based on the observations of human behavior. They conduct a thorough research on people's interaction with objects and are particularly interested in creating new typologies."
Another fantastic project of theirs "recalls times when Fathers would make and repair their children's toys by themselves, with the materials they had readily available. Toys created and built by a child's parents carry a far greater emotional value, they are a statement of individuality and longevity."
found via the fabulous blog by one of the creators of the Bubble Trade Show.

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