This is what we are talking about!

 After three years and 7.8 million dollars, NYC  has something that we can all be proud of!  The Imagination Playground has finally materialized.  Seemingly fashioned after Europe's Adventure Playgrounds, but these seem meant for larger age ranges.  Adventure Playgrounds are typically made for school age children.  The NYC's playground is open for all ages- even toddlers.  With "play associates" on hand to help facilitate a safe environment, parents can sit back and drink in the wonder of their child's unstructured free play.
 More and more research supports what amazing teachers have been saying for years, children need ample time each day in unstructured play.  Time where they can play freely.  As adults, we often devalue play in children's lives as wasted time.  A privilege of spending time at some of the amazing schools we've toured is the stunning examples of the richness, depth, and learning that occurs during free play.  We love the idea of city parks affording everyone the opportunity to marvel in the ingenuity, resourcefulness, and competence of children of all ages.
 Besides it just looks fun!

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