Dream Ball

Let's hope this is the wave of the future. Designers for the South Korea design firm UnplugDesign envision a world where "waste not want not" is fully realized. By redesigning aid boxes that the Red Cross and the UN use to deliver goods to some of the world's most underprivileged, they were able to eliminate waste AND leave children a much desired football ( also known as a soccer ball to us Americans). Living in such extreme poverty children in most of these aid sites were unable to purchase footballs. In parts of the world where many live on less than a dollar a day- the price tag of even a cheap ball could be the equivilent of two weeks salary.  Not to be dissuaded children have been making balls out of palm leaves and plastic bags wrapped together. This inspired the designers to create what they call the Dream Ball. Their gift to all the children of the world. We think it's a gift to all of us!
Selfishly- we want these to become available for purchase too! Wouldn't that be the greatest way to send a gift to every seven year old you know?!

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