Eco Friendly Toys.

We know it's a little late to be purchasing toys. Everyone's made their lists and checked them twice, but just in case you have a few rough munchkins on your list here are a few of our favorite eco-friendly toys this year.

Green Toys has long been the darling of the eco-toy elves. Made in the USA and from recycled plastic milk jugs will gain a great deal of eco love. Add to that their dedication to as little packaging as possible and being so darn cute- you have a winner! These trucks are adorable, safe, and have a baby carbon footprint.
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Sprig Toys are adorable. Their boats float, which is a huge plus, and they have a sea plane- which is one of the cuter toys we've seen in a long time. They are made from recycled plastic and reclaimed sawdust. The limited packaging is great, but they are manufactured in China so the carbon footprint on these are a wee bit bigger- think large preschooler.

Korean company Soopsori Toys are lovely. They are made from rubber wood, which is considered eco-friendly because these trees, which give us latex for about twenty years,are burned when they stop producing. When manufacturers use rubber wood they are saving the trees from being burned and saving the atmosphere from thousands of tons of carbon dioxide. So that's great! These adorable toys make us want to walk through the house and trade up toys for these. Get rid of the plastic Doctor's Kit- this one is cuter.  And who can't use a wooden robot!

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