Greetings from Toy Fair!!!

We are in one our favorite places on this green earth this week- NYC! This week the largest toy fair in North America is underway. We stopped by yesterday to have a look see. There were acres of conventional, plastic monstrocities, but scattered throughout were some old favorites and we found so many new ones! All this week we will be posting on our new found best friends in the world of toys.
First up, Elope, while decidedly more mainstream than we generally lean (some of their product range can be found at Toys R Us) when we say these we started to jump up and down with glee. We really had just been talking amongst ourselves a few weeks ago wondering why Steam Punk hadn't made its way to the schoolyard. Well, it has! Take a look at these!

 Don't you just want to go out and find a fighter jet! 

  By the way- we love the jacket he's wearing! According to the lovely sales rep that we spoke to, Elope is working to reduce packaging on all their products. Most of what we say was not packaged and are sold simply with a tag.  These items were also pretty sturdy, they seemed like they could take the heat of being played with daily. This is part of their sustainability plan we were told- that they work hard to make products that will last so that they are not disposable- reducing the need to replace them! Yay!

What we love about Steampunk and kids is that to us it seems as if it would inspire little inventors striving to come up with the latest funky invention. Here's some of their jewelry as well.

 If you are interested in some real steam punk- probably not for the schoolyard, check out these sites on Etsy.
 From Watts Industries.


From Tom Banwell

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