RJ Wright Company

This may have been our favorite find of the entire fair- RJ Wright and Company has been making exquisite dolls and stuffed animals for over the last thirty years. Designed and hand-made in Vermont, these dolls have been winning the hearts of collectors for decades. While not dolls that will be anyone's daily lovey, these would look amazing in a nursery as a work of art.  We were delighted to meet the artists' daughter and speak with her at great length about these amazing works of art. Here's a look behind the scene at their studio in Vermont.
 The facial detail on all their dolls and stuffed animals are air brushed by an artist.
 Master seamstresses sew each of the outfits.
Getting dressed and ready to go. Et Voila!
March Hare is fully jointed, stands about 17" tall, and is one of 250 created. 

Little Red Riding Hood is out of production, but we love her so much we wanted to share!


  1. I used to work in the collectible toy industry and always felt John Wright was the absolute master. His work is unbelievable, and he has such a feel for the timeless and classic. Thanks for sharing these here!

  2. You are welcome! We are simply sorry we didn't have a chance to meet him. Maybe next year!!


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