Autry Museum

Autry National Center of the American West
I went here with a little trepidation. I had heard the Gold Rush Exhibit on the weekends was great- but it was a Thursday- how great could it be? I was WRONG! This place is perfect for low tech, casual, let them discover it themselves play! The Family Discovery Center is great for a variety of ages. Real materials are left for children to discover and explore. We spent a great deal of time in the 1930's kitchen (decked out with oldie time stove and icebox!) for almost an hour just making pies and sandwiches, before heading upstairs to the wonderful on site cafe (word to the wise- Eat here if you are headed to the Zoo, much healthier, quicker, and cheaper!) Oh and on that Thursday, we had the museum almost entirely to ourselves!
Also, great for anyone who has happened to read Little House on the Prairie lately!

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