Right Bank Babies

GORGEOUS pictures from Right Bank Babies new fall line. Do yourself a favor and view them all here! It is worth it. There are so many, many beautiful clothes! Right Bank Babies just made tThe Best of LA in LA Magazine for 2009! Congrats- they deserve it. Clothes which are both classic and whimsical are not always easy to find. These will put a smile on your face!

I am going to continue this post assuming you went to their site and looked at all the beautiful pictures. So, I want to talk about the location! Isn't it wonderful! I feel very special for knowing it is the long out of commission -Los Angeles Theater in Downtown Los Angeles. I was first introduced to it on this lovely blog Big Orange Landmarks. Which is a great resource for learning more about Los Angeles history. The posts have great detail and really amazing photos!
What I was most struck by though, was the play room for children. This room was so beautifully created and designed. And to think that it was simply a room for keeping the little tykes happy while their parents enjoyed the newest Betty Davis picture.
We don't even have spaces this lovely at places meant for children. They had this handsome playroom as a holding room of sorts. Geesh. No wonder children played by themselves for long periods of time. I am entertained everytime I'm in a stunning space!

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