Back to School

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In just a few short weeks, over 55 million children from ages 4-18 will be heading back to school! The American Academy of Pediatrics has complied a list of tips for new and returning students:
We have taken the liberty of adding to the AAP list:
  • Refresh their memories. Pull out photos from last year and maybe put together a little book or photo album of great memories from the previous year. ~ For Kindergartners- maybe snap a couple photos of the classroom and the teacher to give them a visual cue of where they will spend their days.
  • Sometimes being reminded they are not the only one's feeling uneasy can be helpful in calming first day jitters.
  • Accentuate the positive! The new school year can be such a fun time to see friends. And you get a chance to hear all about every one's summer adventures!
  • Find a friend. Is there someone in the neighborhood or a friend from years past who can ride the bus or walk to school with your child?
  • Let them know when you will see them- at the end of the school day, after an after school activity... just knowing when they will see you again will make the day a bit more manageable.

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