ABC Carpet and Home

pictures via Kids Today Online

New York Institution ABC Carpet Home is beyond. If you've been you know and if you haven't, do yourself a solid and go! Here is a little spattering of their fabulous inventory for children...
How sweet is this stuffed bear!

Perfect for Spring! The expression on this bunny makes me giggle. 
Can't you just hear his very formal voice asking you to please treat him kindly?

This might be my new favorite article of clothing for someone under the age of three. I adore this. It's made from a combination of cotton, flax, cashmere, and alpaca!
One of my favorite features on their website is the guide they offer to the left of the picture. There the icons let you know if the product is locally sourced, eco friendly, and/ or fair traded.

Isn't this fun to keep the nursery tidy! 

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