Bergdorf Goodman- You've been put on Notice!

Let us start out by saying we could not have been more excited when we read that the world renowned retailer in all things glamorous and fabulous Bergdorf Goodman had opened a Children's Section. We were over the moon! Flying high on thoughts of wonderful finds of visual delights, we stopped by the website.  Just look at their window display from last Holiday Season! Isn't it magical!

And in full disclosure we have not been to the actual brick and mortar and would adore any input from anyone on the ground in NYC who has been, and can either confirm or deny whether the website is in fact a reflection of the children's section as a whole.
So you can imagine our disappointment when we went there and found this! We are assuming,  that you are going to check and then come back and when you do -one word-----Right!?! What are they thinking! Of the 108 items in the Girl's Section, 19 were for track suits. Are any of us still wearing those?
We are not mad at the choice for Alice and Olivia- those are some of their cutest dresses. And who doesn't love a Lily Pulitzer outfit. But mainly the girls and gift sections just look like a glorified Juicy ad. We find this to be beneath you BG!
The Boys section is heavy with Ralph Lauren and Lacoste- understandable classic brands, and we adore a seersucker suit for spring,
  but the infant section..... well as they say a picture is worth a thousand words.  So you be the judge-

It's not good....
Nothing organic, nothing bamboo... we are still scratching our heads.

Here's what we would have had them feature instead...
Our imaginary Girl Section
Atsuyo et Akiko from Brooklyn

We would fill the store with articles from
1. I Love Gorgeous
2. Zid Zid
3. Clover NYC
4. Zigouis
5. Neige
7.Poppy and Ned
8. Dagmar and Daley
9. Velvet and Tweed
10. Woven Play
11. Atsyuyo et Akiko
12. Gelato
13. Makie
14. Fournier
15. Baby Bloch
 So here is our plan. We are going to feature what we would have them sell in their Children's Section and then we are going to send them our ideas and pray they change!
What would you have them sell? What would you like to see them stock?
Let us know, so we can add your thoughts and ideas to our list.
We will show you what we'd have them do for the boys and babies tomorrow and Thursday.


  1. We had the same thought. Do we really need to shop at BG for Ralph Lauren? Juicy? Corporate "luxury" brands?

    They need a point of view. We would add Wonderboy (for boys) and Stun (for girls) to your already amazing wish list.

  2. Glad to hear we aren't the only ones who think they can up their game. Thanks for the great additions. We'll be sure to add them!


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