Design Within Reach

If you're looking for clever items for indoor Winter fun they can be found at Design Within Reach.  This Matroyshka doll set is just waiting to be painted and the nesting of dolls will last for days on end.

Here are DWR's crayons.  Great to keep in the gift closet or break out for your own enjoyment on a cold day.

A swing outside is fun but a swing inside is out of this world!  Hang this swing from a beam and you'll be the coolest grown-up around.

Bruno Munari's Plus and Minus game returns from the 70's.  These cards have transparent backgrounds that allow the images to be layered.  You and your child can create your own storyboards on a lazy day or stash some in your bag to have on hand for unexpected waits.

With Alexander Girard's wooden doll collection displayed proudly on your shelf, neither you nor your children will be able to keep your hands off them.   They will be begging you to bring them to life.  Each one is a keepsake and comes individually wrapped in its own wooden treasure box.

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