Phillippe Malouin

 A New Year's Dream is a life filled Phillipe Malouin's creations.  Every child loves a fort and while I love to help drape sheets and blankets over coffee tables and sofas not everyone does.  This Tent Sofa is a minimalist's answer to such upheavel.  Plus, it doubles as a bed so you can walk on the wild side, break a few sleep rules and let them nap in it for kicks.

The Rocco

This chair looks like a rockin' good time for the Elementary school children in your life.  Sure, you might not want them playing with your furniture but with such brilliant design they'll play happily for hours.

The Monarc is just for you!

 Hermes has teamed with Malouin to bring you this smart bag.   No longer will you have to sit on the diaper bag and squish the contents in order to avoid the wet grass(We've all done it!).  Now you can sit on a a bag designed for such things.

This bag is so fab, adults and tots alike will want a turn on it!  Plus, when full it looks remarkably like a drum.  Impromptu drum circle anyone?

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