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In honor of yesterday's celebration of Martin Luther King Jr., we are featuring a kindred spirit who is bold enough to speak her truth.  Ruth Beaglehole is a beacon of light not only for those who have lost their way but also for parents just beginning their journey.  The Center for Nonviolent Education and Parenting is based in LA's Echo Park and is changing the lives of children, one family at a time.  Their motto is "raising children with care-raising children to care".  We, at Willie & Henrietta, believe in the power of nonviolent child raising and ascribe to the definition of nonviolence found on CNVEP's website:

"CNVEP does not use the word nonviolent in reaction to violence, but as a word that honors the connection with a child that respects the core dignity of the child as a full and complete human being. Therefore, the right relationship to have with a child is one that is built on respect and kindness towards the core feelings and needs of the child.
Violence, we define to include anything that hurts the heart, mind or body of a child and leads to disconnection and distrust. This includes spanking, bribes, threats, name calling, shaming, manipulation, being untruthful or praise and rewards. This view moves beyond the current legal definition of child abuse and into a responsible more comprehensive understanding of what violence toward children can be.
What every human being needs and yearns for is a deep, loving connection with their parents that is built on unconditional acceptance, affection, appreciation, autonomy and attention. It is the parent’s responsibility to be the child’s emotional coach, guiding them through the world of emotions and core basic needs; creating and building emotional intelligence and setting limits.
Learning the Philosophy and Practice of nonviolent child raising gives us a framework to think about our actions as parents and what our children truly need to thrive as healthy human beings. Envisioning our children as adults gives us clarity and insight into the relationship we need to have with our child to bring forth the traits and qualities we hope for their future."
-The Center for Nonviolent Education and Parenting

If this resonates with you, their website will provide you with a wealth of information including a well edited reading list featuring Alfie Kohn, Faber & Mazlish and Daniel Siegel all of whom have guided our work with children.  We all need guides and Ruth Beaglehole is one of the finest.  Dare to dream of a world where all voices are heard no matter how small, we are.

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