Once in a Blue Moon

Happy New Year!  In honor of last night's Blue Moon, here is Good Nite Lite's reverse alarm clock.

Once in a Blue Moon a gadget comes along that almost everyone with a child could use.  If you have a toddler who is transitioning to a bed or who is having a hard time knowing when it's time to get up, this night light is for you!  This clock uses visual cues to help your child process time. A blue moon is displayed during sleep hours and it transitions to the sun(at your desired wake up time).  When the sun is shining your child knows that it's alright to get up!  I have seen several children delight not only at the sun/moon light but at their newfound ability to stay in bed!  This is a gadget that will make your nights and mornings so much easier!  Happy Sleeping and Happy New Year!

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