Kinder Garten

Danish Architects have created a world class, environmentally amazing kindergarten.
Dragen’ Children’s House creates an inspiring space where children's needs and the environment are both cherished. 
"The entire architecture is supporting the ambitions Odense Municipality has for the children’s development – namely that they enjoy attractive and challenging surroundings for learning and growing,” says Odense’s councilwoman for Children & Young People’s Services, Jane Jegind. As an example, the Children’s House Dragen has small niches distributed throughout, where children can play, read or just withdraw.
What a loving message they are sending the children of their community! A child's work is respected and honored. The environment has been set up to support and uplift a child's work. As well as, setting the underlying foundation of environmental consciousness. 
Doesn't this place just make you want to put on a jumper and a pair of  mary janes, put your hair in pigtails, and skip off to school with your backpack and lunch box!?!

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