Someone to Watch Over Me.

Bedtime is always such a heartwarming time of day. The snuggling, the kisses, the book reading, it's really quite delicious. Most of us, young and old, are carried off to the land of nod with visions of loved ones and loved places. The youngest among us generally snuggle tightly to a favorite teddy, doggy, monkey, duck, lobster, what have you as well. Some of us like having a little light on too.
This sweet decal from CocoBoheme will light up your little one's room just a wee bit. How lovely to have a bunny fairy watch over your darlings while they sleep. 
And all the while wishing them Good Night!

 The Land of Nod
by Robert Louis Stevenson
From Breakfast on through all the day
At home among my friends I stay,
But every night I go abroad
Afar into the land of Nod.
All by myself I have to go
With none to tell me what to do--
And alone beside the streams
And up the mountain-sides of dreams. 
The strangest things are there for me, 
Both things to eat and things to see, 
And many frightening sights to see,
Till morning in the Land of Nod 
Try as I like to find the way, 
I can never get back by day 
Nor can remember plain and clear
The curious music that I hear.


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