Room To Read

Seth Godin's free ebook "What Matters Now" delighted me with its ingenious compilation of insights and introduced me to Room to Read.  Click the link to read the ebook; you'll love it, especially if you enjoy the style of Godin and Gladwell.  
Room to Read's mission is to change the world change through education.  They know that data shows a correlation between socioeconomic status and the Mother's education level and this makes educating girls supremely important.  Hop over to Room to Read's site and a smile will be brought to your face.  Change is happening one book at a time!  John Wood, founder of Room to Read, wrote the eye opening Leaving Microsoft to Change the World: An Entrepeneur's Odyssey to Change the World and it makes a great follow-up read.  Hooray for kindred spirits!  


  1. Literacy is the key to the kingdom!
    Added to my reading list! Thanks!


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