Is it Fall yet?

We have been spared heat much of the summer here in LA, but it's finally found us and, well, we are ready for it to be over.  Is it Fall yet?  Looking forward to cool nights and crisp leaves, we peeked at pictures of leaves changing colors, apple picking, and pumpkin patches.  This amazing swing made by UK company Myburgh Designs really gets you ready for Autumn or pretending you're Cinderella, which we aren't completely opposed to.  Made from recycled copper and handmade by artists, this swing simply reinforces our love affair with all things swing.  What a cozy little nook!
 Once we started thinking about Fall, we were on to Halloween which led to thoughts of costumes.  Here are a couple of fun ones from UK company Cox and Cox.
 We have previously mentioned our love for wings and these feather ones are adorable!
 Who couldn't use a Victorian Character Mask from time to time?
 But aren't you just ready for this?

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