Bergdorf's was listening. . .

We are happy to report that one of our favorite lines for girls, Hucklebones will be making its Bergdorf Goodman debut this Fall.  Awhile back we posted on what we would carry at Bergdorf's and apparently they are finally getting their act together.  We couldn't be happier for Hucklebones!!!


  1. It seems like you do a lot of harping on Bergdorf Goodman. But, have you actually been to the store? The store is 100% different than the website. They carry a lot of brands you can't find anywhere else. If you haven't seen the new shop, I would suggest going immediately!

  2. Good point. We have been picking on them but only because we adore them! We were there this Winter but haven't been lately. We just wonder why the huge discrepancy between the brick and mortar and online?


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