Back to School

It's that time of year again!  Where did the summer go?  While you are getting your last days of summer fun in, we thought we would show you some of our favorite school designs around the world!

From Tokyo with love!  How fun is that slide?  But who's coming down when the top floor looks like that?
This kindergarten is in Austria.  Do you see the puppet theater?!  Love that!
The architects of this private school in Tel Aviv have thought of everything.  Ball pit! Swings!  Trike path!
And if that's not enough- notice the built ins in the art room. All those little slats to house art work- brilliant!
Oh Berlin- how did we not think of wheelbarrows in the sand pit! Wonderful Idea, thanks!  If you look closely you can see that the children can climb on the yellow mats at the entrance.
For those of us who dream of spending our days outside...Germany gives us the outdoor classroom.


  1. I adore that Japanese school - I saw a wonderful little documentary about it.

  2. We do too! Can we please know the name of the documentary you saw? We think we might need to see it right away!


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