Adventure Playgrounds

When we first heard of Adventure Playgrounds, it was in a book on design for children. The playground was in the Netherlands and looked like a 10 year old boy's DREAM! A great deal of lamenting later, we were elated when a good friend told us about one in our own backyard. Here in Southern California, we have one of two playgrounds of this kind in the whole of the USA! (A third in Irvine is closed due to construction)
Children are encouraged to create their own space. They can literally build it themselves. They are encouraged (with adult supervision) to saw and hammer their way into the fort of their dreams.
A pond and rafts allow for Huck Finn type fun.

Adventure Playground
7111 Talbert Ave (approximate location)
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
# 714-842-7442

Opens June 22 and closes August 13, 2009
Hours are Monday through Saturday 10-5 p.m.
Children are $3 and adults are free!
Recommended for ages 5-12.

Here are t
he rules:
Closed Toe Athletic Shoe
s- a must.
(Leave the Crocs at home)
Bring a change of clothes and a bag for the dirty ones- we are talkin' real, real dirt here people- there's a mud slide!
There is a shower and a changing area!

pictures from City of Huntington Beach website

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