All Crafters Rejoice!

The Urban Craft Center

Where have we been? Right in our own backyard is Santa Monica's very own Urban Craft Center(www.theurbancraftcenter.com).   An ingenious concept, here you can rent studio time to work on projects, commune with fellow crafters, take classes, and buy supplies!  This is a crafter's respite in the middle of LA's hustle and bustle.   If you live on the Westside(or anywhere in Los Angeles for that matter)you will want to run right over!


  1. This looks amazing! Have you been there yet?

    I'd love to see it in action! O and be there myself.

  2. Yep, I made a trip there to pick up knitting needles and yarn. But forgot to bring the camera. It's even lovelier in person and I can't wait to take one of their needle felting classes. I am going to be a Waldorf Mom even before I have children ;-).


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