Clothing Labels for Summer Camp

Summer is coming! Summer is coming! Time to get all the gear ready. As summer quickly approaches, help quash the time honored tradition of losing one shoe and a favorite sweater to the camp gods. Love Labels not only has a great variety of labels, they have a range of colors and icons too! These bag tags make finding the lunch box at the end of the day so much easier.

Their clothing labels ensure you come home with all your rash guards, towels, and sweaters.


Note: All orders are multiple. Bag tags come in groups of six and iron-on labels come in packs of 72. If you don't feel you would use that many- perhaps use just your last name for all your children.

Ultimate Camp Pack includes:

* 15 Regular Sticker Labels - great for water bottles and plastic or metal snack containers

* 30 Slimline Labels- toothbrushes,etc.

* 48 Press n’ Stick Clothing DOTS- perfect for t-shirts & sweaters!

* 8 Shoe Labels- great for all shoes!

* 2 Metal Mini Tags - for lunch sacks and backpacks

* 20 Connect with me! Camper Cards

You may also want to consider getting a few of their iron on labels for sleeping backs, blankets, and towels.


  1. Do they ship outside U.S.? I'm planning to get one of their combo packs for my niece. I think these are really cute and fun to have with. Thanks!

  2. They do ship outside the US! They are actually located in Canada. Here is the link to their shipping page
    Best of Luck!


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