Dollhouses . . .

Few young girls made their way to adulthood without at least a passing fancy for dollhouses. Whether they had one they loved, found one in a great aunt's attic, or just played with a friend's from time to time, dollhouses have been part of the fabric of a young girl's life for many centuries.
In ancient Egypt, dollhouses and miniatures were placed in tombs for religious purposes.
By the 1500's in Europe, dollhouses and replicas were a favorite pastime of the women of the ruling class. Gradually, dollhouses moved from serving as a visual aid for teaching girls about domestic responsibility to simply entertainment!

There are an amazing number of fabulous miniature collections throughout the United States and Europe.

Here is a brief sampling . . .

Chicago has two fantastic exhibits!
Anyone who knows a young lady really must make a point to make to them!

The Art Institute of Chicago's permanent exhibit: Thorne Miniature Rooms-
over 68 miniature period rooms designed by Mrs. James Ward Thorne.
These are just a taste of the amazing rooms that are showcased!

For more information visit
their website: www.artic.edu/aic/collections/thorne

Also in Chicago, located in the Museum of Science and Industry is silent film star Colleen Moore's Fairy Castle.

A peek inside the castle!

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