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Now that we have you good and inspired here are a sampling of the wide range of dollhouses on the market.

For a budding Ed Begley, Jr.
Plan Toys has a green dollhouse which has among other features, a wind turbine, solar panels, and rain collection system. All this and more to help the young environmentalist learn all about sustainability.

If you are a child on the go- no worries, take your house with you...

The most recognizable, of the carry and go dollhouses, is from Dutch design house Kids on Roof- their great turquoise and red colored modern designed cardboard house is not only visually pleasing, it is also kind to the earth! Made from recycled cardboard- it is also recyclable when (if ever) the home is out grown.

A more stationary, bare dollhouse is made by Cardboard Designs for Kids. They make a three story dollhouse that one can decorate with fabric, wallpaper, paint etc. as their website notes-“perfect for a budding interior designer”.

For the girl who wishes to build her own:
Totem Nature
By Kids on Roof (5% of the sales of the Totem Nature line will go to UNICEF)

And for the traditionalist,
Greenleaf Designs has a delightful three story Victorian. It arrives un-assembled and unpainted so as to be one’s own clean slate.

Real Good Toys, also, has an extensive selection of good old fashioned doll houses. An impressive collection.

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