America's Children

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The signing of Arizona's immigration(racial profiling) law SB1070 has us thinking about the children of Arizona.  Children too afraid to venture outside for soccer practice, a trip to the park, or a walk to school.  Regardless of their "status" no child should live in fear.  This is unconstitutional.  There. We said it!

Not only are we hot under the collar about this issue and urge you to contact your state politicians in order to prevent similar bills from being passed in your state(The ACLU makes the process simple with a form letter here).

But we did some digging on Children's rights and found that the U.S. and Somalia are the only two countries that have not ratified the United Nations' Convention on the Rights of the Child.  How can this be? We thought we were a nation that was founded on Freedom and a Bill of Rights.  Is the Constitution no longer to be upheld?  Are the lives of children not worth fighting for?  President Obama has called this lack of ratification by the previous administration "embarassing".  Let's hope he does something about it and the new law in Arizona.  May we all resist discouragement and instead be inspired to stand up for what is right.  Are you fighting the good fight on an issue we might not be aware of?  Let us know so we can join you.

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