Richter Spielgerate

German Company Richter Spielgerate or United Play has been making play spaces where children's dreams can take flight for over 37 years. Featuring natural materials with occasional infusions of metalwork,  this company located near the Bavaria continues to lead the market in truly inspirational design for children. If you were wondering if natural playgrounds were nothing more than a landscaped plot of land, think again. United Play  has redefined the idea of playgrounds. Part art installation, part working set design, part physical challenge, all fun! This company's love and understanding of children's deep need to play is remarkable! Want to set sail!
This last ship is Captain Hook's ship which is part of a Peter Pan themed park in Kingston Gardens in London.
Or play in with water or sand.... We love that their playgrounds are used by a much wider age range than we generally see at playgrounds.

The picture below is a stone xylophone!
We want to go to there!

This one tickles our fancy due to our roots! Wanna be a Viking?

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