A New Year.

We have a confession to make.
We are an opinionated lot. 
We have lots and lots of opinions.  We love beautiful things. This we haven't been shy about expressing. We love wonderment and fancy. Whimsy and enchantment. We adore the people, places, and things that provide us with all these delicious aspects of childhood. But ohhh, do we have thoughts on things.
This year we intend to take our lead from the infants of the world and grow our voice, let our opinions be known, express our likes and dislikes, and explore our environment more confidently!
One thing we are really passionate about are Natural Playgrounds. We posted on them once before.
We are wholehearted hippie converts. We are pleased as punch that there are a few throughout the US and gloriously over the moon about this article in USA Today telling us that around 14 more are planned to be designed this year.  We will share some of our favorite parks and trailblazers for the movement later in the week.

Last November, a parcel of land was saved from development here in Los Angeles due to the tiresome work of the local neighbors. Elephant Hill, as it is called, is a lovely open space that area residents use for walking their dogs, hiking, picking wild flowers, running hills, riding bikes, etc.
The city of Los Angeles is holding on to the property. Securing funding for the park is presenting a problem, as the city is facing a ginormous budget crisis.  Not to be dissuaded, we feel this is the perfect place for the city's first Natural Playground.  We have been trading emails with members of our neighborhood politicos.  We will continue to trade said emails. Maybe we could try out our presentation on you all before we meet with said politicians?
Isn't it just a divine location to play- we can hear Julie Andrews in the background....
Anyone, anywhere that has any experience with this sort of thing or knows anything about this, your help would be happily received!

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