It's Our Birthday!

 We turn one tomorrow! A year filled with wonderment, excitement, and lots of amazing discoveries!
 We trusted that we would be surrounded by kindred spirits and we have been so gratified by what we have stumbled upon! We have discovered there are even more people than we knew who are dedicated to bettering the lives of children. And we have found new ways to create richer childhoods.
Thank you all for sharing this year with us and so look forward to sharing so many more with you.
 In honor of our birthday, we are going to throw ourselves a little virtual party.
Here are some of our favorite party supplies out there.

We would set the table with these placemats!

Our taste test concluded that we would order our cupcakes from Susie Cakes.

These would be our party favors! We love our drinks with straws!

We'd probably want to wear a party hat

Or crown

And of course balloons, lots and lots of balloons!
 Stay tuned...
On Monday we will start to unveil new plans.. .


  1. Happy Birthday! You've created such a wonderful world here. I look forward to whatever you do next!

  2. Congratulations, happy birthay.Bye.

  3. @wanderer's daughter- thank you for the inspiration!
    @Mama Pata- thank you for the encouragement!

  4. Happy Birthday! You are an inspiration! Thank you for introducing so many awesome products and ideas! Thank you for improving children's lives worldwide! You rock!

  5. Congratulations! Great blog. Love the crochet hat on this post.


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