April Showers

It's been raining and chilly here in Southern Cali, which is pretty rare for us. Now is generally when we have the 70 degrees and sunny weather we are known for. But it's been raining and we are not complaining. But it has made us realize that we need new rain gear.  Or at least a new umbrella and maybe a raincoat... How cool is this  eco-friendly umbrella from Totes...
A huge fan of Hunter Rainboots,  Kamik boots are a close second. When you out grow or over use these boot you  can recycle them at the end of their life. Find us the puddles!
And you just can't be serious about the outdoors and the environment without having a love fest with Patagonia. Always a must when planning gear for any and all outdoor excursions.
But a part from all the do goodery, these are just genius for anyone who knows little tikes or slightly bigger tikes who like to jump and stomp in very large puddles! We're not sure if this is what they were made for but they are waterproof and lightweight- perfect for these chilly spring rains. And these are in black! No mud stain worries here.
Get this coat for a complete set

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  1. My parents (in northern california) have been so happy about all the rain! Over here in germany we've had just about enough of rain!


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