A Day at the Pond

Growing up in an area surrounded by farmland, we were raised with unlimited access to the outdoors.  Maybe that is part of the reason we are so passionate about children spending time in nature.  We understand both cognitively and emotionally how wonderful childhood days spent outside can be.  Little  needs to be considered when outside other than obvious safety rules.  Children follow these rules naturally because when outdoors they sense their need to be aware of their surroundings.  When you get to spend a day outside with children it is glorious!
(When you capture that day using the Hipstamatic app, it's priceless.)

Having spent a charming day by the pond with delightful children, it reminds us how lucky we are to be surrounded by nature in most areas of our lives. The children that we love lead lives filled with time spent climbing trees, hiking trails, searching for frogs and lizards, and generally running amok :). But for a great number of children nature isn't out their backdoor. They need someone to help them find it.
The wonderful Children and Nature Network is dedicated to allowing children access to nature. They have partnered with ecoAmerica to bring parents: Nature Rocks a very user friendly website which gives parents hundreds of ways to connect with nature.
April is Children and Nature awareness month:
As our moms used to say- "Go Outside and Play!"

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