Be more than a name.

Sorry to keep harping on Bergdorf's, but we just can't help ourselves...
While we would never compare children, we can't stop the words from slipping out-
Bergdorf's, why can't you be more like Saks?

 Here's why we say it-  it's April and we can't get a Burberry Coat for our tots at BG's? Or a pair of Hunter Rain Boots?

And Saks Children Section is full of our favorite classics:
2.Bonnie Young
4.Dolce and Gabbana
5.Little Marc Jacob
7. Petite Bateau
8.  Album di Famiglia
9. Fendi

But at the end of the day it's not about the brands. It's not about a label. Or a logo. 
It's about a point of view. It's about a philosophy. These brands equate luxury. And so does Bergdorf's.  But what's more- Bergdorf Goodman is iconic. It's hard to think of that corner on 5th Ave and not envision that name, those windows, that building. While we understand that they are now owned by larger retailer Neiman Marcus (maybe we should wag a finger at them as well), Bergdorf Goodman still holds a piece of that city's image in their hands. Why not feature these luxury brands, fabulous designers, and Save the Garment Center while you are at it? Plenty of designers are working very hard to keep their production in the United States. Why not be part of something? Of a movement? A revolution? You could lead the way!

Post Script:
We stand corrected. Apparently, the actual children's floor at Bergdorf Goodman is quite lovely. And they do feature most of the labels identified above. What's more they also have handcrafted toys from around the world.  So we stand corrected. And we look forward to going there and getting to take it all in!


  1. BG are you reading this blog? You should be!
    Save the Garment District! Right on! Yes, support those fabulous designers who are working hard to keep their production in the United States!
    Thank you for the gorgeous lines of children's clothing!
    BG you should hire Willie and Henniretta! What has your marketing department been doing? Willie and Henniretta have the right ideas and products!
    Wille and Henniretta show me more!!!

  2. You are too kind! Thank you for your lovely comments!


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